Burrito Calories can give you much boost in your nutrition food. We will talk about how to save up to $700 by this burrito calories.

The favorite choice for the term “Burritos” is 1 Medium Burrito with Beef and Beans that has around 500 calories. The calorie and nutritional information for a variety of types

We investigated the menu at Burrito Bandidos, a small chain of Burrito restaurants in the GTA. Burrito Bandidos is one of the healthier fast-food joints in the city. They only use fresh ingredients with no processed or artificial additives. Their meats are cooked in small quantities throughout the day using traditional cooking techniques. The large selection of veggies includes Guacamole, green peppers, cilantro, beans, corn, salsa, green & red onions, & few freshly made sauces.

This sounds pretty healthy for a fast-food restaurant. Here are few tips on how you can make it even better and save up to $700 calories in a large burrito.

  1. Go, Naked, & get a bowl, ditch the tortilla, it will save you around 310 calories just by not having the Tortilla, & side benefit, you typically get more veggies in the bowl than in the Burrito.
  2. Skip the Cheese saves you another 120 cool calories
  3. Do the Tomato Salsa instead of corn, and save another 60 calories
  4. Say No Sour cream & say hello to saving another 100 calories
  5. Go Guac or not. This one is optional as the $ 120 calories in Guac are mostly fat but it is the good fat so you may want to indulge and include it.
  6. Ask for extra veggie, there is no cost for extra veggies & they are fresh delicious & low in calories.
  7. Choose a healthy protein, such as beans, shrimp, soya, and chicken, and save another 100 calories when compared to red meat or the deep-fried Yummy Fish burritos.
  8. Burrito Sauce is too good to pass even though you could save another 90 calories, I would recommend you live a little and enjoy.
  9. Skip the chips and save another 400 calories in your meal.
  10. Go easy with Rice, they add a lot of flavor & softness to the burrito but also add around 150 calories take half rice, and save another 75 Calories.

It is possible to enjoy your favorite Burrito Bowl at Burrito Bandidos or any other Burrito place & cut down the calories at the same time.

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