Cozied up next to a Pizza Nova on Queen Street & Coxwell in the Beaches area, lives a charming small Burrito joint that goes by the name of Burrito Bandidos. Due to the recent Covid-19 restrictions, I found myself missing the vacation to Mexico, I had to cancel and was craving a safe way to eat some ethnic Mexican food, that whisked me away to more tropical days. I entered the unsuspecting red walls of Burrito Bandidos and was not disappointed.

As a member of the growing community of gluten-free foodies, I ordered the Chicken Burrito Bowl rather than the traditional burrito. The Chicken burrito bowl came with tomato, beans, lettuce, cheese, guacamole, cilantro and their homemade burrito sauce to top it all off. I washed it all down with their special brand of Jarritos pop drinks, in the Mexican Cola flavor. I must admit, that was quite huge burrito bowl! It’s very telling that everything is made fresh in the morning: from the tender flavorful chicken, the warm beans to the crispy lettuce and hand picked cilantro, I was confident the ingredients looked super fresh, clean & perfect blend of various flavors. After stirring up my meal each spoonful was a Russian roulette of ingredients, will I get the well seasoned chicken, chicken paired with sliced tomato? Hot beans paired with lettuce and cheese? No matter the mixture, the different flavors came out and the end result was very enjoyable. I got their hot Habero sauce made in house on the side, too hot for me to handle and so glad I got it on the side.

The Jarriotos pop comes in traditional glass bottle reminiscing of old days of coke bottles. It was easily better than any coke colas, I have had recently in cans. It was cold and refreshing with a unique tropical flavor. I did some research and found out that this popular brand was founded in Mexico and gets their sweetness from the sugar canes grown there! I also noticed they had a large selection of veg burritos & bowls such as Tofu, Soya & the traditional bean & cheese.

My friend ordered their famous Halibut Burrito. The Halibut Burrito comes with a huge piece of Halibut along with all the veg toppings. You could taste the crispy & soft Halibut in every bite without any fishy smell along with the amazing veggie toppings & sauces.

The service was fast and friendly. The portions were generous size along with reasonable prices. Burrito Bandidos has three locations in Toronto alone, so the next time I’m hungry for a quick and refreshing meal while out in the city, I’ll be sure to revisit this hidden gem of a place!

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By Henna Sandhu