Breakfast Burrito For Your Healthy Morning

Not all breakfast burrito calories are excellent for your health. Although the presence of protein in the meat is noticeable, it is never wise to take them at the beginning of the day. But that refined carbs and fat will probably give you a sluggish and sleepy feel instead of energizing you and make you satisfy. I would have used to take it every day if it was great.

So what to do? If you are a Mexican food lover and want to eat the burrito, isn’t it be possible? The answer is, Yes. It is possible to have a healthy morning with your favorite breakfast burrito recipe. Then how? Okay, let’s see some solutions for you.

I’m a burrito lover like you as if my day can’t go without it. But at the same time, I am aware of my health. When I found out I am accumulating fat along with calorie and protein intake, which causes many diseases, I thought a lot and decided what I can do. So that my energy deficit can be filled and I can stay healthy and eat again and be healthy.

I ordered many of their breakfast burrito items together from Burrito Bandidos It’s good to know it’s the best burrito restaurant in Toronto. However, I also took burrito sauce with breakfast, which is made in their special recipe. I took the amazing breakfast burrito made with vegetables, which was delicious. Because I took a lot, I wanted to see which is the most delicious and perfect food. So that’s what I’m going to share with you now.

Mashed sweet potato and black beans burrito is a veg food for your morning energy. No eggs, meats but you can get mashed potatoes, black beans, avocado that is much worthy for your healthy breakfast I think. I will list it at the top. It will deliver you approx 20-30 grams of protein.

Mashed Potato Breakfast Burrito
Mashed Potato Breakfast Burrito


Scrambled Tofu was another tasty and healthy burrito breakfast that I purchased. It is also available to all non-vegetarians. It is full of tofu made with fake flavors of crushed scrambled eggs. A delicate scent will increase your appetite even more.



What if you could enjoy your favorite breakfast with sweet burrito options? It is very possible. You can get Greek yogurt, granola, jam, and parfait wrapped in combo options. You can also choose the option made of banana and peanut butter. Which will give you a sweet taste? If you want, you can take the combo option ABC of Almond Berry and Cinnamon as your healthy breakfast.

sweet breakfast burritos
sweet breakfast burrito


Here we have tried to keep as much protein and energy as possible, delicious, and to keep the variety according to taste. I have tried to show the best three options. You can choose the breakfast of your choice from here that will make start your day energetic and healthy.

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